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27 is the one and only 'Contemporary Turkish Cuisine' Restaurant in Singapore, nestled within the heart of the city, at Robertson Quay Riverside.

Turkey is a mosaic of experiences where cultures and traditions are blended and Turkish Cuisine is a colourful display of the various tastes that have come together in one country.

Our brand name '27' shows our passion for this food culture and our menu is a curated selection of just 27 dishes to showcase the rich culinary heritage.

Spanning from the sunny Mediterranean coast to the lush landscapes near the Black Sea, we aim to take you on a gastronomic trip through the vibrant tastes of Turkey, where every flavour tells a story.

Adsız tasarım.png

Our Brand Identity


Passion ignites our culinary craft, where excellence is our sacred offering. In every dish creation, a masterpiece unfolds.


Drawing on a history that spans centuries and continents, contemporary Turkish cuisine artfully combines traditional ingredients and cooking techniques with modern innovation.


We work closely with a small network of Singapore’s best suppliers to ensure our dishes use only the very freshest and high quality ingredients. Our herbs and spices are sourced from Turkey to guarantee the finest expression of Anatolian flavour.

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